Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Chronicles of 21Y

More adventures of the cute yellow Cub, in pictures! I don't want to turn this into a tale of my exploits, and detract from the goal of this blog, but I feel these pictures give you a good view into what makes me me, and also shows what's been keeping me from my regular updates.

Visiting Stanton Airfield with my roommate Robyn! Stanton Airfield is a really cool historic airport north of Mankato--check out their website at

The original hangar, control tower, and classroom/office building

21Y hanging out at the gas pumps, looking pretty

Hank showed us the Sport Cubs . . . the one in front is his, which he leases to the flight school for LSA training, tailwheel endorsements, and Cub Crafters check outs

It's a sight different than 21Y's panel!

A BEAUTIFUL Pietenpol that calls Stanton home

A Super Cub and the flight school's PA-11

The flight school's Cessna 150, which has been training pilots at Stanton since its birth in 1968!

Gliders hanging in the original, main hangar

Link trainer in the main building

Glass bottle soda machine

Glider towing

Flight team fundraiser--we washed one of our faculty member's Cubs at his house. 10 people and one Cub equals a quick wash and wax!

Ryan: "No photos, please!"

Scott looking rather important

21Y's one-week visit turned into three weeks due to a combination of bad weather, and good weather for giving all those rides I had promised. Finally, on May 10th, it was time to head home. A delightfully smooth flight ensued, with great company in the form of my friend Todd and his Luscombe 8F.

Flying to Stanton one last time to get gas!

Rushford, MN: Skinniest pavement runway I've ever landed on--somehow made a sweet landing!

Cool planes!

Luscombe and the neighbors: cows! (I contemplated landing on the side of the runway in the grass if I wasn't comfortable--as you can see, it's not much of an option!)

Todd in the Luscombe

Some cool light by the Mississippi

The view from up here!

The office!

Some dork who likes those little yellow airplanes an awful lot . . . (at this time, I think I could still feel my fingers)

Sweet view. I LOOOVE this picture!

Flying down the runway at HXF

Photos of Cubs in dandelions at HXF (Jim Koepnick of EAA shot some remote photos of myself and Steve flying around as well, which was quite cool!)

Also, I got a ride in a Taylorcraft BC-12D! Neat airplane, but the wheels instead of sticks weirded me out at first.

So that's what I've been up to recently . . . I'm focusing on getting my Sport Pilot CFI in the next two weeks. I passed the Fundamentals of Instruction test last Friday with 100% and am now working on the sport pilot-specific knowledge test. I'm super excited about it, and I'm looking forward to paying it forward, and helping others pursue their dreams of flying. More on that later--just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten about this!


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