Sunday, June 14, 2009


A short article was published about A Flying Story in the June/July issue of Midwest Flyer. Hopefully it will bring a few more people here : )

I always welcome comments here or emailed to aflyingstory (at)!



  1. Amy,

    I just discovered your blog through the Midwest Flyer magazine. Your blog makes me want to run out to the airport right now and fly. You have an amazing passion for aviation, as do I! Not trying to make this an advertisement here, but from what I have seen here on your blog, I just wanna let you know that a few aviation enthusiasts from the Twin Cities have started the "Minnesota Society of Aviation Enthusiasts". They actual website isnt quite ready yet, but the forums have been up for a few months now!! If you have the time, stop by and say hi! As I said, judging from what I've seen on here, I think you'd love it. :D

    Life is one great adventure and it looks like your on your way. Keep flyin!

    Kreg Anderson
    Aviation Photographer/Student Pilot/Nut
    Alexandria, MN

  2. Whoops, I forgot the link to those forums!