Thursday, December 31, 2009

How Far We've Come!!!

It's sort of amazing to think I'm doing what I'm doing now. I'm currently sitting in an airport lobby waiting for my very first knowledge test victim to finish his private pilot written. Life is awesome. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!

I'm easily one of the luckiest people alive. I may not achieve everything I'd like to but I have the privilege of having been able to live out my dreams and I'm not stopping for anything or anyone. Life is beautiful. I have the most awesome friends, I get to fly the coolest little airplanes and I get to share that with others! Tell me, tell me, does it get any better than this??

I'm definitely way more excited about this knowledge test than Jordan. While he'll be relieved to have it done, I'm finding things to inspect in the lobby and pacing. This must be the definition of the mother hen reaction. I just can't believe I get to do this! Almost exactly a year and a half ago I was at this same airport taking MY private pilot written test. Now I endorsed someone else to take theirs and take the first step towards achieving THEIR dreams!

I keep thinking there can be no purer joy than helping and enabling someone else to chase down their dreams.

This rocks! :)


  1. It is always exciting to see someone advance in aviation. Sometimes our students don't realize how nervous we are about their success!


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