Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Brodhead, Wisconsin, is normally a pretty sleepy town, graced with a beautiful all-grass airport. Boasting three grass runways and a plethora of rare and gorgeous airplanes (the majority of which fly regularly), Brodhead (C37) hosts several awesome fly-ins each year. I have only been to the Midwest Antique Aircraft Club (MAAC) fly-in the weekend after Blakesburg.

This year I only spent the day there, flying with a friend in his Luscombe 8F. A few highlights:

~Finding a close relative of 21Y's
~Finding a few Bellancas
~Sitting in the grass watching airplanes
~Pork chop night (enough said)
~Beech 18 low pass. Photo says it all.
~Running into a student of mine
~Getting to fly in a radial-engine Hatz biplane because of said student!

On to the pictures . . .

Heck yes!

Cute pipeline patrol art found on a PA-12

I believe this is pretty much the definition of "classy" . . . art on the wing.

Pretty Ryan

After flying the Hatz . . . more on that later :D

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