Sunday, January 18, 2009

Personal Connections

Why is this issue so important to me?

I think I see things very differently from others involved in aviation. The average airport is chock-full of middle-aged men. I am not a middle-aged man, needless to say.

As a younger enthusiast, I've faced very different challenges to become involved in aviation. While it is easy to recognize that not that many young people are interested in aviation, I see why they are not involved--and it is not because they are not interested. The interest exists, but aviation is, in many ways, unattainable.

I also feel as though new regulations and threats to grassroots aviation affect me more. The older pilots out there have a vast array of experiences, and are disappointed to see more restrictive regulations placed in effect. I, however, have only recently discovered the joy of flight and sometimes feel that there is no future for that fun aviation that I love so much.

And yes, that statement should scare you.

Something needs to be done to start changing the public perception of aviation, and something needs to be done to ensure a future for aviation. So far, the efforts I have seen are not enough, and I do think it's because the older generations do not see the problems that I do.

So call me selfish for wanting to make sure there's still room for my brand of fun in the future.

Or maybe we should all be a little more selfish--because in feeling as though we need to protect the future of our passion, we'll introduce a whole new audience to a life-changing adventure.


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  1. Hi Amy, I met you at the airport not too long ago. I agree, there are fewer young people going into aviation. I, too, am not a middle aged man. I am a woman who is trying to get more young women into aviation by speaking at camps for teens and working with Aeroscholars. I mentor young people and help them continue with their pursuit of the same dream you and I hold dear. There is nothing that compares to slipping the surly bonds. The barriers have become more numerous, and I have observed many changes in the five years I've been flying. We do have to help each other and help new flyers stick with it. Thanks for setting up this blog. It is well-done!