Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dreams and Goals

Well first of all, what's the difference between a goal and a dream? I think my goals and dreams tend to blend together. If I work to make a dream real, I think that turns it into a goal, something attainable.

So here's a brief list of aviation-related things I want to do before I kick the bucket (which is hopefully a ways off still):

~Fly a DC-3, turbine or not (or both, I'll do it twice!)
~Spend a summer, at least, flying in Alaska (maybe instructing)
~Fly a J-2
~Fly a J-5
~Take the members of my family Cubbing
~Take a loooooong cross-country, like literally across the country, in a Cub
~Learn all those cool tailwheel tricks, like taxiing with the tail up, and lifting the tail at a standstill before taking off
~Get my seaplane rating in a J-3
~Fly a Cub on skis
~Fly a Savage Cruiser (and if I can set terms, that adorable red-and-white one)
~Fly a Howard DGA-15
~And a Staggerwing
~And a Stinson Reliant
~And a Waco (not picky, but I like the purple-and-blue one that was in AOPA's magazine a few months ago)
~And a Byrd
~And a Stearman
~And a Meyers OTW
~"Race" a Cubby in the AirVenture Cup Race, just for kicks
~Help someone fall in love with flying and achieve their dream

And a variety of other stuff. Like flying a 195. I could go on. But hopefully this list will give you a better idea of what kind of person I am, and the sort of flying I would someday love to do. I know most of this will likely never happen, but I'm still inclined to try : )


  1. Amy, I'm disappointed, no goal of racing a P-51 at Reno? I think you will need some AT-6 time first though.:)

  2. Maybe . . . the list certainly isn't complete. Those slick little IF1 racers are pretty cool though, and I have a thing for Cassutts . . . hmm : )