Friday, February 20, 2009


I could certainly go on about my own involvement in aviation in this post, and about trying to figure out where it fits in my life (then again, it may never "fit" in the traditional sense of the word). But, you already get enough of that, so I'll save it for another day when I'm feeling inspired.

Today, actually, I stopped to think a lot about this project and where it's headed versus where I'd like it to go. So, I've decided to reveal the grand master plan. Initially I thought I would just let this blog build its own momentum, but I think that for people to get excited about something, it must become tangible to them. With that in mind, I'm going to try to make my project (which is really our project) tangible to those of you kind enough to spend a few minutes on my ramblings.

The tagline for A Flying Story is "A dialogue about youth involvement in aviation," mainly because I couldn't think of a better way to sum it up in a line. While it is mostly focused on youth, it is also aimed at increasing all involvement in aviation through the support and cultivation of that passion.

The idea is to motivate individuals (like you!) and local organizations (EAA/VAA/IAC/WOA/AAA chapters, clubs) to become more active in recruiting youth by hopefully helping you see new ways to approach youth. I want to get more of those informational articles up soon, but I feel that that's really a small part of it. Anyone can read a how-to article and follow the steps. What I really want to see is passion. I know it's there! Sometimes, though, it just doesn't translate well to youth because aviation is something foreign to them--and I think that passion is foreign to them as well. In my high school, I was often thought of as "weird" because I was so interested in aviation, and my peers seemed to go to great lengths to make sure they were only enthusiastic about approved topics.

I'd love to get the support of aviation organizations (EAA/AAA/AOPA/etc) in spreading this message and reforming the methods we use to get new people involved in aviation. To make it truly tangible, I want to fly across the United States and help local organizations get involved in their communities. I feel that it would be a wonderful way for such a project to come to fruition, as well as a symbol of the fact that large international organizations work for their chapters and members.

Additionally, I'd like to film the whole thing and turn it into a two-part DVD about the passion of flying/why we fly and how to become more active in the community.

Hopefully, those of you reading this will pass it along to others who feel the same way. Chapters and local organizations have my permission to print these little ramblings of mine with credit to me (Amy Gesch). That's all I ask--but I hope you'll send me feedback and let me know where you're from and where it's getting published.

But maybe that's just crazy to think all of that could happen. Yet, I know I won't be able to forgive myself in the future if I don't try. So, here goes nothing . . . and everything.



  1. I applaud your efforts. The more we get young people into aviation, the better for its overall posterity. My 99s chapter is made up of supportive, enthusiastic women pilots and without their mentorship, I would not be as far along as I am today--going for my CFI! I am sure our chapter would love to hear more about your aspirations. You are welcome to come and speak at one of our meetings--just let me know. I know the networking would help your cause! :) LP

  2. Hi Flygirl,

    I love your blog. I believe that I was one of the last airport kids 30 years ago here at my home airport O52. Now the airport is secured with high fences and electronic gates locking the general public out. Pretty sad. I do share the love of flying with my kids and others as much as I can in my recently restored J-3. Check out the video on Youtube.

    Joe B.