Friday, February 6, 2009

P.S. P.S.

I could really use some feedback from those of you who are reading this! Some general things I'm wondering about are the following:

~What do you think of the content?
~Of the writing quality?
~How interesting is blog to you?
~What other ways do you recommend for reaching out to youth and involving them in aviation?

You can click the "Comments" link after each post, or email them to me at aflyingstory AT

Thanks! : )


  1. You bring a breath of fresh air to my otherwise dreary,ground-pounding days...the ones I don't get to sneak out to ski (another deep passion)or fly. As of late I too am experiencing a dearth of flying, partially because of weather, in part because I don't want to miss opportunities to ski as anyday could be the last day for skiing these days. And flying...well, I like it with floats...when the water is a bit softer. It's time will come. Keep the ideas have a way with words. Are you the next Lane Wallace?

  2. You should try some airplane skiing on that Super Cub you sneak off in!

    BTW, you're not the first to compare my style to Lane's . . . hmmm. Although, I've always considered myself allied more closely with Budd Davisson, I don't know if anyone can match his casual, humorous style, and being compared to Lane Wallace is certainly not a bad thing : )